Why Social Media Is Important for Your Fitness Brand

Why Social Media Is Important for Your Fitness Brand

Most fitness pros have a website, but many don’t use social media to help grow their business. In the past five years, social media use has grown exponentially. Millions – sometimes billions – of people around the world are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+.

A lot of fitness programs focus on feeling and looking great – perfect for the parameters of social media – so use it to:

  • Grow your fitness business
  • Connect with both regular and potential followers
  • Offer discounts that are offered exclusively to your followers
  • Increase sales through engagement opportunities
  • Cultivate client loyalty

Social Media Broadcasts Your Fitness Business

Using social media for fitness professionals helps you define your brand. Your brand is everything that surrounds your company, whether it’s your logo, your studio, the clothes you wear, your workout philosophy, your marketing materials, your website, and your client interaction. Social media also:

  • Drives your SEO. People find you online through a well-designed website that’s been optimized for SEO, but they also find you online through your business’ social media usage. The more your posts are shared and replied to, the easier it is for potential clients to see your message.
  • Allows You to Connect with Clients at Any Time. You may not see clients every day, but they still want your guidance and encouragement. Nothing says “good job” like a Facebook post about a client’s goals and how hard they are working towards them. Not only does it encourage them to continue with their program, it also provides you with bragging rights that people will remember.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform
When it comes to picking your social media, there’s no real right or wrong, since most platforms help your SEO and establish and define your brand. However, some choices may be better than others depending on how you run your company and what kind of clients you’re targeting. Your Facebook page is probably the most important social media platform you’ll have. For instance, Facebook is popular with women ages 25-49, so if you concentrate on moms, you can use Facebook (and its full video integration features, plus an Instagram connection) to reach that audience. Twitter is used by many millennials and they like to connect with experts using that platform. Twitter is especially good at solidifying your brand, since you only have 140 characters that you can post at one time. Short and sweet messages drive a lot of client interaction and allow clients to become familiar with your philosophy as a personal trainer.

Social Media for Fitness Professionals

If you’d like to use social media to your advantage, or aren’t sure where to start, Fitness Marketing Solutions can help manage the process and then create a devoted following for your business. Call or contact us today.

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