Web Design for Fitness Professionals

Web Design for Fitness Professionals


If you’re starting to consider the right kind of web design for a fitness company, you may be unsure of your options. After all, when you look at any website, it’s full of information. If you look a little closer, though, you’ll see that many websites have the same kind of information. They have a navigation bar of some sort, conversion points that lead people to parts of the site where they can better connect with the company, pages with content that describe the company’s products, services, and mission, and images that draw a user further into the site.


Web design for fitness professionals encompasses many of these elements to create a modern, updated site for your business. We suggest that you:

  • Make It Intuitive. We can’t stress this enough! Any site that is designed and laid out using a simple, intuitive framework will ensure that people will find what they need, quickly. If you look at modern designs (from about the past 18 months or so), you’ll see trendy white space, bold colors, and eye-catching visuals.
  • Use Great Images. Your images should be dynamic, instead of static. You should show people who are moving as a part of exercise classes, weight lifting, or strength training. Many personal trainers and gym owners will hire someone to take professional pictures or record video that can be posted onto your site to use as a reference.
  • Design for Conversion. You may not have heard this phrase before in a digital context, but it’s gaining traction. Designing for conversion is getting people to do something in particular when they come to your site. Examples of conversions include:

Calls-to-action                                                   Filling out a form                              Reading a blog

Purchasing your product(s)                         Emailing about a service                Calling you

Following you on Facebook


Once a possible client has begun to interact with your site, you have much better chance of making them a real client.

  • Feature Compelling Content. Content is indeed one of the main parts of website design, and it serves several purposes: It delivers information, and it is an important component of your SEO program. The reason why most people visit a website is to look at your content, and the more pages of content you have, the more likely they are to find your site.

Professional Web Design for Fitness Companies
Fitness Marketing Solutions designs and develops sophisticated websites for fitness companies and professionals. We’ll work with you to establish your brand, design a site that mirrors your fitness philosophy, and attract people who would like to hire a personal trainer or join a gym. Call or contact us today so that we can create your website.


web design for fitness professionals

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