Design Services for Fitness Professionals

Design Services for Fitness Professionals


As a fitness professional, it’s your job to stay up-to-date on news that affects your industry. As a business owner, it’s also your responsibility to market your business to current and potential clients who are looking to work with a professional.

Professional Graphic Design Services Improve Your Brand
No matter the size of your fitness business, or the makeup or number of your clientele, you’ll always need your brand to be consistent and professional. Graphic design is a major component of your brand – and since it’s visual, it’s always in the forefront.

Graphic design is how images, text, and space are placed on print or digital materials to create an impact and guide users toward a certain response. First impressions of your business often are related to – or are directly affected by – the graphic design of your materials.

Fitness Marketing Solutions designs promotional materials including:


Print Marketing Design


Brochures and flyers

Business cards

Literature and stationary


Comprehensive Media Kits

Direct mail
Catalog design

Print advertising

Trade show graphics and booth design


Digital Marketing Design

Website design

Social media banners

Digital advertising

Multimedia graphics and video


Fitness Marketing Solutions Corporate Identity Graphic Design Programs

Fitness Marketing Solutions also specializes in corporate identity and branding. With so many different exercise and health niches available, most fitness pros realize that they have to develop and then establish an identity for their brand. While some may already have their corporate identity figured out, other pros may not have taken the steps needed to show what they offer to clients.

Graphic design goes far beyond logos and brochures. It’s your complete visual representation and an integral part of how you promote yourself and your business. Our graphic design process is intended to help you discover what’s different about your fitness business and how to promote your business as the best choice for your particular clientele. Contact Fitness Marketing Solutions today to learn more.

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