Promoting Your Personal Training Business

Promoting Your Personal Training Business

Promoting Your Personal Training Business

If your personal training business could use a boost, it’s time to work on promotional marketing ideas that will increase your visibility and bring new clients to your door. We have some great tips that won’t break the bank, and can be used for a short time or even for the life of your business.

·        Use email marketing. Email still reaches the most people. While some people aren’t interested in receiving even more email, you can entice potential and current clients by offering a bi-monthly email that includes tips on exercise and diet. Consider a theme, like “How exercise lifts your spirits,” or “Why women should use weights for improving bone density.”

·        Set up deals and coupons. You may be thinking – but I’ll lose money by offering deals! Remember, though, that hiring a personal trainer is a personal decision, and many people may need a little push to get going. Offer a nice incentive that will guide people to your business and erase any doubts. A “first free session” is helpful, or if you’re trying to introduce a new service to a current client, you can offer 20% off.

·        Refine your brand. Your brand is everything about your business: you, your services, your website, your logo, and your voice. If you haven’t taken the time to define your brand, this is when it should happen. Marketing for personal trainers will incorporate materials that can be used in both print and digital media: your logo, your business cards, brochures, and information sheets.

·        Get out there! Chances are, not enough people see you and know about your business. Some face-to-face time can fix that. Many companies and organizations offer health fairs, so reach out to your community and let people know that you want to be a part of a healthy region. You should also network with other business owners, who are likely to either use or promote your services, and then you can do the same for theirs. This is a great time to use your new marketing materials, too.

·        Create a social media presence. If you have a social media account, make sure you’re posting at least 2-3 times a day on Twitter and 3-4 a week on Facebook. Include pictures, videos, memes, tips, stories, and testimonials so that people can get a clear picture of the services that you offer. Social media accounts make it easy for you to share information and for your posts to get lots of coverage, so daily upkeep is important.

Personal Trainer Marketing

These tips are just the beginning of the improvements that you can make when marketing your business. Each of these suggestions can increase your business. If you feel that incorporating these few ideas will take more time than you have available, talk to Fitness Marketing Solutions. We design websites, create SEO programs, design digital and print marketing materials, manage social media accounts, and send out email marketing. Give us a call or contact us today.

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