Personal Training SEO Services

Personal Training SEO Services

Personal Training SEO Services

If you’ve properly invested in your marketing program, then you know how important it is to have a clean, well-designed, mobile-friendly website.  Once your site is live, though, how do people find it? Through SEO.

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is how business ownersensure their site is getting plenty of traffic, producing leads, and allowing you to influence possible fitness clients.

Think of what you do when you bring up a search on your phone or computer. If you’re looking for a plumber in Cincinnati, you’ll probably type something like, “plumber Cincinnati” or “plumber near me.”

So, someone who is looking for a personal trainer will likely be doing the same thing. SEO will help people find you when they enter in particular keywords. Remember: the higher up your company shows up for Google searches, the more people will reach your website, and the more likely you are to hear from them. Personal training SEO services are a must for fitness pros.


Local SEO Programs

If you’re a local fitness provider, you should be concentrating on local SEO for personal trainers. Local search makes up the majority of customer search—8 out of 10 potential customers turn to searches to find out information for businesses, products, and services in the area. Implementing a local SEO program for personal trainers plan makes it easy for those interested in hiring a personal trainer to find you. Your business, address, website, and reviews will pop right up, too. Even without clicking on a result, new customers can find all of the information that they need about you, see that you’re a reputable business, and contact you.

Content Marketing

As a personal trainer, it’s important to relate to people who are looking for help with their fitness programs. You’ll need content that shows why clients should use your services. This includes the content that’s on your website, the videos that you provide, and the blogs and press releases that you write. Your words show your voice – so let people hear or read what you have to say. Are you a “tough as nails” trainer? Or do you gently encourage clients? Whatever it is that you do – how you motivate – you should have content that does the same.


Once your content strategy has been devised, it’s time to make sure that it’s set up for SEO. A well-crafted SEO program will bump up your search rankings, bringing more people to your site.

A great SEO program will help draw in potential customers, boost your reputation, and increase your sales. Contact Fitness Marketing Solutions today to learn more about our SEO services.

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