Top 4 Social Media Ideas for Fitness Pros

Top 4 Social Media Ideas for Fitness Pros

If you’ve been concentrating on starting or expanding your fitness business, you’ve probably heard about how effective social media is for getting the word out. Social media for fitness pros is a must. It’s low-cost and high-reach, and you can communicate and create relationships with the majority of your target audience.

Why is Social Media So Important?

·        Social Media Positions You as a Fitness Expert. Using a customized social media page gives you, and your fitness business, legitimacy. Your social media platforms give you the opportunity to create content, including blogs and videos, that will engage current and potential clients. Once you have shown everyone that you know how to create an effective program for women over 50, or for people who are interested in a couch-to-5K plan, they’ll start sharing your posts, tagging their friends, and adding their own comments.

·        Give Them Value. Specifically, give them value that’s packaged as tips or advice. For example, you can share the results of a new fitness study that will also cement what your particular program does. Popular shares include how nutrition can enhance your workout, or why your exercise “rest” days are just as important as your regular exercise days. Once people see that you’re willing to share news, they’ll see that you have their best health in mind, instead of just asking for their money.

·        Post an Appropriate Amount. No one wants to see you post 10 times a day on Facebook. On the other hand, posting eight times a day on Twitter is just fine. Updating Pinterest once every day or two is great. And using Instagram at least 7 times a week means that you’re sharing appropriately. Every social media platform is different, and you should know who your target audience is before you start creating your social media accounts.

·        Market Your Brand. Your brand includes your company’s name, your exercise programs, your website, your marketing materials, and your social media, among many other things. It’s everything about you and your business. Since your brand creates emotion among your users, remember to extend it to your social media accounts. For instance, you may love posting before and after pics of your clients, because most people are looking for noticeable results. Does your brand use weights or focus on cardio? Do you work with bodybuilders or weekend exercise warriors? Once you’ve targeted your audience, use your brand to attract them to your business.

While social media for fitness pros is a must, many owners don’t have time to create a targeted plan to reach customers. Fitness Marketing Solutions can help. We offer effective, engaging social media programs that allows you to concentrate on your business, while drawing the clients that will grow your business. Call or contact us today to help build your fitness company.personal trainer marketing

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