Digital Marketing Strategies for Personal Trainers

Digital Marketing Strategies for Personal Trainers

Personal trainers who are involved in traditional marketing or simply rely on word-of-mouth are missing out on the many benefits of digital marketing.

Attracting and Keeping an Audience through Digital Means

These days, you have to be sure to connect with both potential and actual clients.

  • Social Media. Most personal trainers get new business from referrals, so you’ll want to stay fresh in the minds of everyone who may be interested in your service. Depending upon your clientele’s demographics, you can post on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or Pinterest, and most likely, you’ll be using a combination of these.


  • Email. Yes, social media is key to gaining new audiences, but email is still the most effective way to reach people. That’s because almost everyone has an email address, and you can generate an ROI that is well worth the time, since revenue can be increased by more than 10% using email marketing. The content that’s delivered is important to info-hungry people who love learning more about health and wellness. It creates an easy way to connect with clients, who want to hear from their trainer for motivation, encouragement, and maybe a kick in the behind when they need it. People depend on their personal trainer, but email is a ready substitute when you can’t be there in person
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  • Mobile Site. Your website is what people see when they want to know what you’re about. Ten years ago, a personal trainer who had a site was considered at the top of his game. Five years ago, creating a website was a necessity. Now, having a mobile-friendly site is the most important component of a digital marketing plan. First, Google ranks mobile-friendly sites more favorably in searches than those who are still using non-mobile. Also, since the majority of internet searches are performed through mobile devices, it’s critical to have your site enjoy all of the benefits of mobile. Otherwise, they’ll spend less time on the site, be less likely to complete conversions, and be more likely to reverse course and go back to their original search—and most likely click on a competitor’s link.


  • Apps. Apps have become a must-have personal trainer marketing tool in the past few years. You can use apps to customize your clients’ training sessions, create a closer relationship to clients who you may not see every day, guarantee accountability, and establish your brand.


  • Online Reviews. Many personal trainers seek out reviews for their company on Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, or Angie’s List. Clients’ opinions matter, so you want to make sure that they are leaving great reviews. That way, people see five stars when they google your personal trainer business – and their good word speaks volumes.


Personal Trainer Marketing
Your business’s digital marketing comes with a lot of moving parts. You want to get in front of people who would like to hire a trainer or start going to a gym, but you have to know how to find those potential clients first. Fitness Marketing Solutions can help you design a program that includes traditional, social, and digital marketing so that you can build your clientele and your business. Call or contact us today.

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