Top Three Ways to Use a Fitness App with Your Clients

Top Three Ways to Use a Fitness App with Your Clients

Top Three Ways to Use a Fitness App with Your Clients


As a personal trainer, you probably have a diverse group of clients with different needs. You want to be sure that you are helping each client reach their health goals by creating individualized plans for each of them.

These days, it’s just good business to offer your clients more ways to meet their health and fitness goals. That may include testing products for them buy, finding the best equipment for them to use, and creating fitness apps for personal trainers that tracks their progress.

Before mobile technology, you would have done this by writing down their individualized plan on paper and carefully reviewing it with each client. With mobile apps, however, you can choose different tools that can be integrated to create your clients’ customized fitness app.


We suggest these top tools for your fitness app to help you build relationships and engage your clients:

Develop a Customized Fitness Plan
Personal trainers create customized health plans when they begin working with clients: taking their measurements, asking them what they want to achieve, and determining what the best plan is for their goals. You can now put all of that into your app, and they can look at the information any time they want. The clients’ customized plans are right there to remind them. They can also log in changing measurements, add some notes about their workout, and see just how far they’ve come.


Create a Video Station

Your clients might not always be with you at your gym, since they may prefer to work out at home or may be on the road a lot. They’ll still be exercising without you there, and of course, that’s what you want. However, how can you be sure that they are exercising the correct way, without their trainer being there to spot them?

You can easily help them by uploading your own personal exercise videos to your fitness app. The videos will show them proper form to ensure they’re doing the exercises correctly and that they’re getting the most from each exercise. Once you’ve created enough videos, you can customize each clients’ experience, and after they’ve learned how to properly exercise with the first set of videos, you can “unlock” the next set.


Make It Easy to Motivate Them

Keep track of progress through app-client interaction. Clients may say that they are following your customized plan, but how will you know that they’re working hard when you’re not with them? It’s easy: Your app can include a tracking feature that requires clients to log in their workout, so you’ll be able to see what exercises they did, and for how long. Another great idea is to include a chat feature that’s open for a few hours each day so that they can ask you questions and receive confirmation on their exercises.

Don’t forget the power of motivation through sharing. Another great idea for a fitness app is a share feature that allows your clients to tell everyone on their friends list that they just logged in a great workout. They’ll get the satisfaction of sharing their accomplishments, and their friends will see how motivated they are and possibly ask you about becoming a client.


Personal Training Apps That Get Results
You may be thinking, “All of this sounds great, but I’m a fitness instructor. How am I going to develop a customized personal training app?” Fitness Marketing Solutions can help by creating a great app for you. The value that you’ll add by offering an app will attract new clients while helping current ones achieve their fitness goal. Contact us today to learn more about our personal training marketing apps

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